Focusing on Transformation

WellMinded Counseling’s owner is mainly focused on helping young adults and teens resolve their problems with body image concerns, self acceptance, forming healthy relationships and build a life worth living. The team she has brought together have similar values and their information can be found on the meet the team page.

Stephanie Konter- O'Hara, Licensed Professional Counselor

Stephanie Konter- O'Hara, Licensed Professional Counselor

I appreciate all the help Stephanie has given me by helping me learn, and practice relaxation techniques to help alleviate my anxiety.
— Former Client

About the Owner

As a young adult I had my own personal struggles that led me to go to various therapists and health professionals. My experiences (some positive, others not so much) lead me to know in my heart that I wanted to help people. Within that, being the type of person that filled others with validation, lessons of self-love, acceptance and promoted mindfulness helps me feel like I'm serving my purpose. 

I graduated with my graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2013 from the University of South Florida. Gaining my license in Florida, led me to work with teens and their families in a multitude of ways. 

Soon after getting licenses, I knew I wanted more adventure so I moved across the county in 2016, to Colorado. Here, I opened by practice with a focus on teens and young adults because I value early interventions that can help individuals develop healthy habits for the future.

Working with individuals is very rewarding to me, and over the 5 years of being a therapist I have seen many people smile, cry, yell and shout in their process of personal growth. I look forward to continue doing this work and helping to create a culture of self-love, compassion, and connection. 

As an aside, I am such a dog person, and I love my two furry friends, Copper and Obie, here they are paling around.