Perfectionism’S link to Anxiety

Anxiety is often described as continuous feeling of doubt and worry. While its completely natural to experience these feelings from time to time, over extend period of time can impede functioning. For example during the start of a new job, a new relationship, moving into a new city, or over an exam you are going to take. At times anxiety can overcome you, and looks less like worry and more like fatigue, avoidance, sleeping issues, migraines, stomach issues, or continuous undesirable behaviors, to name a few. Having these concerns can interfere in many aspects of your personal life and career. 

Anxiety is a part of life, so you can learn skills to manage it!

How Therapy Can Help

In counseling there is a nonjudgmental space for you to explore these feelings of doubt, fear, worry, or whichever symptoms along the spectrum you're experiencing in the moment. We will review, explore, and process the situations, events or triggers that you experience before, during and following an anxious state. Collaborating to finding the best individually tailored coping skills for you to utilize. Helping you to recognize where you feel anxiety in your body, how you habitually respond to those feelings and thoughts, while providing you with new options to use in everyday life.


Goals in therapy for anxiety

  • Develop strategies to reduce symptoms, or Reduce anxiety and improve coping skills

  • Be free of panic episodes

  • Recognize and plan anxiety-provoking situations

  • Learn new ways of coping with routine stressors

  • Report feeling more positive about self and abilities during therapy sessions

  • Develop strategies for thought distraction when fixating on the future

  • Recognize patterns of think that are keeping you stuck


If you're interested in creating a life worth living  contact me to start the process of finding more peace and stability in your life.  


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