Group Therapy

Group therapy is used to help enhance clients awareness, growth and connectivity with the others. WellMinded Counseling offers a variety of groups for teens and adults.

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Expressive Arts Therapy

Unlike traditional art expression, the process of creation is emphasized rather than the final product. The expressive therapies are based on the assumption that people can heal through the various forms of creative expression. Expressive therapists share the belief that through creative expression and the tapping of the imagination, people can examine their body, feelings, emotions, and thought process.

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DBT for Teens

For those experiencing anxiety, depression, self harm, eating disorders and substance abuse, whom are interested in working/learning more about mindfulness, acceptance and communication in relationships with others and self.

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Eating Disorder Recovery

Group will provide skills and support for young adults 15-18 years olds that are struggling with over eating, restriction, purging, over exercising and general body image concerns. Social support and emotional regulation skills will be the focus of the group.