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Asking for Help

A variety of therapeutic theories promote that asking for help is a sign of strength, emotionally vulnerability and humility. When you ask people, even your therapist might pose a question that is directed for you to answer for yourself, with straight forward advice or simply the “follow your gut” response. 

As an individual you can grow by asking others, think of it as an information gathering process, doing the research, reviewing the evidence. 

However what do you do when you ask for help, and you don’t recieve a response? What if the response you do recieve is primarily motivated by the desires of the person responding?

In either of these situations I try to look within myself in why these situations may be the result of my inquisition. Do I want someone to solve the problem for me? Or take the responsibility of the situation out of my hands and place it in another’s, so if something undesirable happens I can blame them? 

I’d encourage everyone to remember that something’s are not meant to be resolved, and just are, which is a plac  of acceptance, even if it’s something that we don’t like. 

Mediate and pray about what’s the most effective way to handle the conundrums you find yourself in.

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