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Attacking Anxiety

With this title you'd think I'd be teaching you to slay a dragon named Anxiety. If you think about it though, anxiety can make you run, freeze or scream like a fire breathing dragon was attacking you. Our fear center response is in our Amygdala, here we also process decision-making, memory and other emotions. Anxiety can be a learned response or a natural response to situation, and the Amygdala is what helps control that. So next time someone flatly states to you "Stop Stressing", and offers no words of advice or shows empathy, flatly tell them that your "Amygdala needs time to process before that can happen!" 

Counseling humor may only be funny to me, so if you did't laugh thats okay, I laughed enough for myself to enjoy.

6 Ways to Ward off the Dragon named Anxiety

  1. Do some yoga poses, such as Reclining Bound Angle (helpful for relaxing your mind and the central nervous system)
  2. Rhythmic breathing
  3. Mindful walking
  4. Meditation/prayer
  5. Journaling 
  6. Creating something for yourself