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Returning to Self (A "How To" Guide)

It’s been awhile since there has been a new blog update, so I figured the perfect topic would be how to “return to self” or in other words, after you loosing yourself in the minutia of life how do you still return to what you love, are compassionate about, to yourself. Tons of things can distract us from being who we want to be, peers, family expectations/responsibilities, school/work, other things that we busy ourselves with. We can recognize when we have gotten off track when we notice feeling exhausted often, lonely, sad, discontent with life and where it’s taking us. We may start engaging in dysfunctional behaviors like playing video games to excess, over using substances, eating too much or too little, over working etc.

Here are things that you can do to recenter yourself, and connect with who you are:

  • Spending a few minutes near a river, stream, or creek or simply outside to enjoy nature

  • Lying on the ground and taking in the fresh air

  • Being with a loved one without distractions

  • Sitting on the porch while reading, or knitting something, or with a nice drink

  • Walking or driving for an hour, any direction without a destination

  • Play air (or real) guitar or drums while listening to music

  • Greeting sunrise

  • Driving out to where the city lights do not interfere with the night sky

  • Praying or meditation

  • Sitting on a bridge with legs dangling over

  • Sitting by a window in a cafe and writing

  • Sitting in a circle of trees

  • Potting plants, being sure to get hands very muddy

  • Beholding beauty, grace, gratitude of things in life

All of these examples and more can help you slow down and refill your energy, with little effort. Making this a routine creates a cycle in which you can return home to myself every morning and every evening. Perhaps doing something on a schedule will bare the most fruits of true connection with self. The great thing is that after you do these practices, you can return to the world with renewed energy to go about your daily life. By taking time for yourself, the quality of your work in the rest of your life can improve.