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Why I choose doTERRA

My passion in life is to love and be wild in love. I found doTERRA when I went to an emotional healing through essential oils class. By the end of the class, certain emotional evoking oils were passed around due to their their tendency to often provoke reactions in us. The oil that an individual responses to most is the oil that is said we need the most. I respond most to was patchouli, the oils that is to evoke self love and linked to personal body image. When i found out that link, my ground was a little shaken since it was so directly related to what I struggle with. I decided to immediately meet up with the women that taught the class, and buy a bottle of patchouli. 

In that moment and ones to follow I gained a new sense of wonder with my body and what I put into it and on it. I started listening to what my body was asking for and allowed my self to respect what I was hearing. As a psychotherapist that is something that I have always done, and now I have a renewed sense of encouragement to my do the same for myself daily. 

This thought processed than brought me to other considerations for how I was looking at my life, I was believing that I needed to listen to the constraints that other people were putting on me. Like I said in the beginning my passion is to love, in order to do that I needed to stop listening to the nay sayers and start telling myself yes, you can grow, you can heal, you can make a difference.