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Granting Grace and Peace

Today I had a moment in which I was reminded about how many people go without the help they deserve. 

I was at a local market siting outside doing some paperwork for my job and overheard a conversation from three individuals. They occasionally turned to me to ask me questions about myself and seemed to have bright spirits. 

As I sat there doing my work, I overheard their conversation about their lives. There was two young women (25-28 years old), one white another black, and an older (45-50 years old) black male. They were sitting around a table discussing what everyone does, their current life. The one girl spoke of how she was trying to get money to get home because her boyfriend had left her at the market, had recently used all of their money to buy illicit drugs, which led to their eviction and homelessness. She appeared quiet annoyed with his behavior, which led her to want to engage in wanting to use her food stamp money to buy food then return it for cash so she can buy her own illicit drugs. The other girl had cuts on her arm, and spoke about the cuts as though she had self inflicted them, her leg was also in a brace that she said was because of a “fall”. The older man was telling the girls about how his old lady was going to kick him out, and how he got caught up in a drug deal happening at a local strip club. They finished the conversation by all sharing a beer.

A few thoughts ran through my mind at this moment, as I was both minding my own work, and being invited to join in their conversation from time to time. 

1. They all looked like they needed a hug, some acceptance and love

2. I wonder if things could change for them if they sought help

3. What barriers are they facing that they are in this current state

4. Perhaps they don’t want to change

5. I could offer guidance and suggestions where they could seek help, but who am I to speak to them as though I know something they don’t 

6. Everyone can be subjected to these situations

7. Why was I witnessing this moment, what’s the purpose of me observing this moment

8. How can I look to my higher power for insight and growth after and during this moment

9. I want to wish them all well (so I did)

10. Do I think I am better then them, because I was blessed with a different life? 

In these moment reflection I feel is very valuable and if I could change anything about their lives in this moment, I want to grant them Grace and Peace. We don’t have control of everything, and I do have control with how I handle myself, and any acceptance of a situation is a step that I believe is in the right direction.