“Stephanie is know for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy. Availing herself to continuous philosophical education, Stephanie weaves thought-provoking meditations throughout her classes, applying wisdom to the practice in a useful and understandable way. She encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self, citing the interconnectedness to each other, to the world and to the universe at large.”
— former student

Yoga as Therapy

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Yoga for Stress Management (60 minutes long)

This class includes asanas, breath and meditation to assist you in finding and enjoying the gift of relaxation. Only a positive mind can create joy, peace and relaxation, all of which we will practice. For all levels

Mindfulness Yoga (75 minutes long)

"Mindfulness starts one breath at a time" -Stephanie Konter-O’Hara

"Mindfulness starts one breath at a time" -Stephanie Konter-O’Hara

This class will include asanas with a focus on being aware of the moment-to-moment movements of the practice. When you practice mindfulness  you're observing your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad in the moment. For all levels; recommended to attend Yoga for Stress Management first. 

Yoga as therapy looks at the whole person including past experiences and health history, present state of health and lifestyle and future resolves. An individualized yoga practice is developed and may include physical postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation as well as other practices. The process of yoga as therapy can help build and increase body positivity, mental wellness, mindfulness, self-care, and improved health. Each practice will be personalized to accommodate the unique needs and capabilities of the client, allowing them to progress at their own pace and comfort levels.

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